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QDRO in Florida Divorce

QDRO in Florida What is a QDRO? Many clients have retirement assets... Read More

Military Divorce in Florida

Military Divorce in Florida Part 1: Jurisdiction Military divorce... Read More

Marital Settlement Agreement in Florida

Marital Settlement Agreement - What Is It? Marital Settlement... Read More

Parenting Plans in Florida

Parenting Plans in Florida As of Oct. 1, 2008 Florida law now... Read More

Name Change Florida – Divorce

Name Change Florida: Divorce Changing your name is a very personal... Read More

Quick Divorce in Florida – Is It Possible?

What is a "Quick divorce in Florida"? We have many clients who want... Read More

Florida Alimony Reform

Florida Alimony Reform Florida alimony reform is still changing.... Read More

Same-Sex Divorce in Florida

Same-Sex Divorce in Florida There may be same-sex couples living in... Read More

Legal Separation in Florida

Legal Separation in Florida: Can It Be Done? We have many clients... Read More

Getting Divorced in Florida: Top 4 Tips

Getting Divorced in Florida: Top 4 Tips Getting divorced in Florida... Read More

Florida Divorce Paperwork: What’s Needed?

Florida Divorce Paperwork: What's Needed? Many of our clients find... Read More

All Clerk of Courts and Judicial Circuits for the State of Florida

1st Judicial Circuit Escambia County Clerk of Court 190... Read More

Florida Parenting Class: Requirements and Resources

Florida Parenting Class: Requirements and Resources If you are... Read More

Annulment of Marriage in Florida

We receive many questions from clients asking if an annulment of... Read More

Uncontested Divorce in Florida

You may be asking what is an "Uncontested Divorce in Florida" and how... Read More

Simplified Divorce in Florida

If you wondering what a "Simplified Divorce in Florida" is, the... Read More

Divorce in Florida- What are marital assets?

If you are pursuing a divorce in Florida it is important to... Read More

Divorce in Florida, child support

If you are seeking a divorce in Florida and you have children you... Read More

Divorce in Florida- what are the residency proof requirements

If you are seeking a divorce in Florida, you must prove to the court... Read More

Custody and parenting plans in an uncontested divorce in Florida

The courts in Florida work very hard to promote continuing contact... Read More

Marital property What is it?

Many clients approach me with questions regarding "Marital Property"... Read More

Alimony-spousal support, what is it and what are my rights?

This is an excerpt from the Florida Bar “Divorce in Florida”... Read More

Divorce in Florida- do you qualified for the “simplified divorce”

Divorce in Florida.   Many people confuse the “simplified”... Read More