Custody and parenting plans in an uncontested divorce in Florida

The courts in Florida work very hard to promote continuing contact with both parents.  They want both parents to play an active role in the child’s life and help with the responsibilities of raising a child.  Issues of Custody and caregiving are detailed in the party’s parenting plan.

In an uncontested divorce the parties will fill out a “parenting plan” which will detail all of the issues regarding the parental responsibilities of each parent.  This includes responsibility for the daily tasks of child rearing, the time-sharing schedule, and decision-making authority relating to health care, school, and related activities. The plan will also specify any technology that will be used for parent-child communication.  This is great because it saves the court from having to make that decision for them.  Obviously the parents should be in a better position to know what works best for their family.   The big problem with divorcing parents is that they frequently put their own interests above those of their children.  Shame on them if this is the case.  Everyone gets it that you don’t get along with your spouse……thus the divorce…. but always keep in mind that your child is blameless in all of it and should not be punished because of it.   Remember a child loves both parents.