Uncontested Divorce in Florida

You may be asking what is an “Uncontested Divorce in Florida” and how is it different from the simplified divorce in Florida.  The Florida Bar Association Consumer Pamphlet provides an overview of what a “dissolution of marriage” is.



A divorce is called a “dissolution of marriage” in Florida.

Florida is one of the many states that have abolished fault as a ground for dissolution of marriage. The only requirement to dissolve a marriage is for one of the parties to prove that the marriage is “irretrievably broken.” Either spouse can file for the dissolution of marriage. You must prove that a marriage exists, one party has been a Florida resident for six months immediately preceding the filing of the petition, and the marriage is irretrievably broken. The reason for the irretrievable breakdown, however, may be considered under certain limited circumstances in the determination of alimony, equitable distribution of marital assets and debts, and the development of the parenting plan.

The parties, facts, and circumstances in each case are unique; therefore, outcomes can differ from case to case. Outcomes in a dissolution of marriage include, among other things, the division of assets and debts, awards of spousal support, awards of child support, and decisions on parental responsibility and/or time-sharing schedules. There is no “one-size-fits-all” or “standard” dissolution of marriage in Florida.

The dissolution of marriage process can be highly emotional and traumatic for couples as well as their children. Spouses often do not know their legal rights and obligations. Court clerks and judges can answer some basic questions but cannot give legal advice. Only a Florida family law attorney can provide legal advice. Statutory requirements and court rules must be strictly followed or you may lose certain rights permanently. The Florida Bar recommends you obtain the services of Florida family law attorney concerning legal questions, which include discussions regarding your rights and responsibilities in a dissolution of marriage. A knowledgeable attorney can analyze your unique situation and help you make decisions in your and your children’s best interests.

An uncontested divorce in Florida is a dissolution of marriage where the parties have agreed to all aspects of their divorce such as division of debts and assets, real property, spousal support and children’s issues.   The uncontested process can be very simple and this is what  https://floridasimpledivorce.com/specializes in.  We will draft all of your documents needed to complete the process for you which will include a marital settlement agreement detailing everything you have agreed to.  Once you sign off on the documents we provide you we will take care of the rest.  The good news is if you use https://floridasimpledivorce.com/ for your uncontested divorce in Florida then you won’t have to make any trips to the court clerk or attend a hearing before a judge.